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Owls & Birds Of Prey

Owls & Birds Of Prey

Owls and birds of prey are always popular. Their huge eyes and with barn owls, their lovely heart shaped face makes them so attractive. We love it when we get the young owlets that are complete balls of fluff ( although sad that they have lost their mum ) Their huge eyes make them such attractive animals and many of us are fascinated by kestrels as they hover over their prey.

Tawny Owls are often seen in towns and cities as they are happy to live alongside humans in parks and woodlands. Whereas Barn Owls are far more secretive and are affected by the change

Sadly Barn Owls can be purchased too readily as pets and we now only have 9,000 of them flying free in the wild and yet it is estimated that between 60 and 70,000 pairs are sitting in aviaries in Britain. The way to see our birds if flying free in the countryside.

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Glass Owl

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Barn Owl Wild Watch

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Owl Puppet

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Owl Soft Toy

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