Amazing British Bugs Fact and Activity Book

A new fun and educational activity book combining a bit from the fact cards with a bit from their colouring book.


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Printed on recycled paper using vegetable based inks in Hertfordshire, with a wire binding that means you can lie it flat and flip easily to the different pages to look up a different bug.

40 pages of bug facts, colouring and activities

The book introduces you to some of the amazing bugs that you can find across Britain.

Including :7 Spot Ladybird, Black Garden Ant, Honeybee, Bloody nosed beetle, Common Blue Butterfly, Common Wasp, Zebra Jumping Spider, White Lipped Snail, Scalloped Oak Moth, Leopard Slug, Common Green Grasshopper and the Common Woodlouse.

For each bug there is a fact file page telling you its name, its scientific name, when you can see them, what they eat, how big they are and a fun fact, along with Ria's illustration. Then there are illustrations and common names for a few other bugs that you might find as well at the bottom of the page. Then the following page is a colouring page so you can colour your own version of that bug.

The book also includes a this book belongs to page, a caterpillar page, another page of some cool bugs you might see, a butterfly lifecycle, a ladybird lifecycle, a bug hunt list, a wordsearch, a dot to dot, insect hotel and moth trap how to's and a how many can you see counting and colouring activity.

A great colouring, activity and fact book that can be kept and referenced back to again and again. The A5 size makes it easy to carry around with you on a walk, and the wiro binding makes it easy to lay flat for colouring and for flicking through to the bird you want to look at.

UKCA tested, not suitable for under 3's.