Amazing British Coastline ID cards

If you love the coast you are going to love this super fun set of cards introducing you to 70 amazing animals and other treasures found around the British Isles.

Ria couldn’t fit everything that you might see in the set so she has chosen 70 that will give you a great introduction to some of the amazing things you might find.



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Each Card is double sided, with an animal or other treasure that you might find on the coast featured on each side.

There is an illustration along with their common name, scientific name, when to see them in the year and a fun fact.

As ever the background colour of the card helps you sort them and learn something else as well, for these coast cards the colours help you organise your cards into the different types of things you may find , so you can have a look at all of the marine mammals, or starfish or crustaceans etc together.

Included in the set

Blue-Rayed Limpet, Common Prawn, Olive Squat Lobster, Painted Top Shell, Spotted Ray, Snakelocks Anemone, Sea Lemon, Warty Venus, Dab, Common Seal, Scampi, Scarlet Lady Nudibranch, By-the-wind Sailor, Cockle, Common Cuttlefish, Common Brittlestar, Shore Clingfish, Risso's Dolphin, Basking Shark, Bottlenose Dolphin, Grey Seal, Montagu's Blenny, Cormorant, Compass Jellyfish, Edible Periwinkle, Edible Crab, Common Lobster, Egg Wrack, Little Cuttlefish, Edible Sea Urchin, Blue Shark, Common Minke Whale, Harbour Porpoise, Painted Goby, Common European Squid, Common Starfish, Dead Man's Finger, European Shag, Cuttlefish Egg Case, Whelk, Mermaids Purse, Violet Sea Slug, Portuguese Man of War, Razorshell, Long Snouted Seahorse, Strawberry Anemone, Mussel, Manx Shearwater, Common Octopus, Cushion Star, Common Dolphin, Blonde Ray, Common Oyster, Common Eelgrass, Moon Jellyfish, Little Tern, Hermit Crab, Orange-clubbed Sea Slug, Phosphorescent Sea Pen, Razorbil, Herring Gull, Lion's Mane Jellyfish, Sea Hare, Velvet Swimming Crab, Spotted Cowrie, Whelk Egg Case, Yellow Edged Polycera, Short Snouted Seahorse, Purple Top Shell, Sand Hopper

How to use them!

You can use the cards to id things that you find around you and to learn about the kinds of animals that live around our coast. The colours of the cards let you seperate the cards into sets of different sections. Then on each card you can discover when to see them throughout the year and learn a fun fact about them.
We love using our cards to draw from and to inspire stories and fun projects.
Approx size 78mm x 108mm
Pack contains 36 cards, 35 animal cards and 1 keycard.