“Fox Kit” – Signed Limited Edition Print by Nigelle de Visme

Nigelle tells the story in her own inimitable style:
“In 2012 I went on a weekend retreat with the Benedictine nuns in Stroud – my own Benedictine connection goes back to India in the 80’s. After breakfast I went for a walk down a misty path shadowed by large trees. The mist was one of those in which I could ‘hear’ the dripping moisture. When I turned to retrace my walk to the convent, emerging from of the mist and walking towards me was a very young fox kit. We stopped, we looked at each other for a long long time (it seemed timeless). I thought my heart would melt away! Then it turned, this lovely wild creature, into the hedgerow to continue, I prayed, its wild life long and unharmed.”
After the retreat, and still inspired by her painting “Hare”, Fox Kit came too. There is only one print of it and Nigelle has the original painting.


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"Fox Kit" is the only one of a very limited edition print run of Just 1.  The signed print is unmounted and measures 27.9 cm high by 20.5 cm wide.  To care for “Fox Kit” please avoid hanging in direct sunlight. May this beautiful “Fox Kit” bring a little of her magic into your home.